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Welcome to Hashknife Ranch! We invite you to visit any time!

Hashknife Ranch New Mexico Quarter Horses and Corriente Cattle

The Hashknife Ranch is a fourth generation family property with G.M. “Dogie” Jones as the current owner and head of the family ranch.

Dogie’s Great Grandfather came to the Watrous area in 1848. He worked as a scout for the US Calvary. A few years later he purchased the Fort Barclay Trading Post on the Santa Fe Trail. While working as a merchant he purchased land and established the ranch sometime in the 1860’s.

The current headquarters of the Hashknife Ranch, “a beautiful two story house”, was built by Dogie's great grandfather William Kronig in 1883. German stone masons added a distinctive touch of flair to the home. It still stands very straight and sturdy today.

Dogie’s Grandmother, Fannie Kronig, was born in the Fort Barclay Trading Post in 1856. Fannie met Frank M. Jones, a civil engineer who was surveying the right of way west for the Santa Fe Railroad. They were married in 1879.

Dogie's father was a well known and successful rodeo judge, who travelled the major circuits of his day. A sketch of him hangs in the Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Dogie took over the ranch in 1956. Warren Shoemaker, "a legendary Quarter Horse breeder and AQHA Hall of Famer", had a big influence on Dogie entering the Quarter Horse industry. His first stallion was "Mister Cue" out of a Shoemaker mare by the name of "Wyona Cue" #58389.

Now with the help of his son, Curtis, Dogie runs Corriente cattle as well as Quarter Horses.

Fifth generation Curtis is a working cowboy on the ranch. He's also an AI (artificial insemination) technician.

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Contact Dogie and Joyce Ann Jones:

Mail: PO Box 72, Watrous, NM 87753
Email: dogie@hashkniferanch.net
Phone: 505-425-6021
Fax: 505-425-0540

Contact Curtis Jones:

Mail: PO Box 172, Watrous, NM 87753
Phone: 505-235-1190

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